Are High Heels Bad For Your Health?

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Living 21st century is all about awareness when it comes to health and well-being. This time we give some tips for healthy walking in high heels.

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We do research about pretty much everything we eat, drink and expose our bodies to like never done before, making sure we follow the masses of advice we’re bombarded with every day.

From alcohol to cholesterol, from fat to salt and so on and so forth, we all seem to know what we’re doing and what to stay away from.

Why to concern about feet in high heels?

health tips for walking in high heels

Though, one important question still exists over the age-old debate as to whether walking in high heels shoes is bad for our health or not. There have always been arguments on both sides of the story, but in the age of research and information, what are the facts and where does the truth lie?

effect of feet in high heels

Sexy high heels are worn by the majority of women, and despite being fully aware of the pain they may cause, they never seem to question any long-term effects. Or maybe it’s a just case of knowing the long-term effects but not caring, just as long as they look gorgeous in the present.

Remedies for tired feet in high heels.

There are plenty of remedies for tired feet on the market and accessories to make high heels less painful on the feet, while wearing them less often would of course lead to less pain.


My tip: Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion on A m a z o n. The natural formula combines pure peppermint oil and menthol to soothe your tired feet. The vegetable-based glycerin and coconut oil will deeply moisturize and soften rough calluses and heels.

Anyway, the simplest answer to the pressing question is a clear yes – high heels are bad for the health of your feet if you wear them daily. The reason is simple, high heels go completely against the natural shape and padding of your feet.

Our feet are not designed to walk on the tip-toes, and so it’s no surprise that doing so causes pain. Prolonged use of high heels can lead to plenty of foot pain from high heels, three of the most common are:

  • 1. Bunions – This is where a large bony protrusion begins growing out of the side of the foot, close to the big toe. It isn’t actually a growth of bone as it feels, though can be very painful and requires the breaking and resetting of the bone with screws to remedy.
  • 2. Hammer Toe – This is the name given to the problem where toes become crooked or misshapen, due to the shoes being worn compressing them in unnatural ways. Once again, this can lead to long-term pain and the procedure to correct it involves bone-breaking and metal inserts.
  •  3. Calf Strains – High heels put additional strain on the calf muscles which over time can lead to them becoming shorter and increase the risk of repeated muscle strains.

In spite of all of the proof, surprisingly there still isn’t a dedicated study that has been carried out and found direct correlations between the above afflictions and high heels. But, the experiences and reports of foot doctor and surgeons make it pretty clear.

And the advice they give on painful high heels is plain simple – there is nothing wrong with wearing high heels in moderation, and as long as they are as ‘well-fitted’ as possible. Additionally there are a number of inserts on the market to protect your feet as much as possible.

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