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The very best track and field shoes for any athlete will of course be determined by the activity they are planning to participate in.

It’s always a good idea to opt for a known and well respected brand, just as it is to shop with a retailer you can depend on, but as far as the shoes themselves go it’s a good idea not to fall into a one-size-fits-all way of thinking.

So with this in mind, here’s a look at some of the most important considerations to bear in mind when looking to buy track or field shoes with any popular sports in mind.

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Choosing the Right Shoes for Track and Field!

Perfect For Sprinters and Hurdlers: If sprinting or hurdling is your game, the key is to choose a shoe that can transfer an exceptional amount of power from your body to ground, in an instant.

Shoes specially created for sprinting and hurdling are all about converting as much of your body’s power as possible to forward momentum, while at all times helping to cushion your feet from impact and potential damage.

As your heels will make little contact with the ground, there should be almost no material there at all to minimize weight, while the fronts of the soles will be stiff and hard-wearing. Sprint shoes will also in most cases feature plenty of spikes to help get the best possible grip on the surface of the track.

Made For Jumping Activities: Whether it’s the pole vault, the high jump or the long jump that’s more up your street, you’ll need the right pair of shoes to bring you to your best. You’ll find that jumping shoes will also feature spikes similar to those of sprinting shoes, but probably not quite as many or as large near the toes. And of course, as there is the potential for severe impact upon landing, jumping shoes tend to offer better padding and support.

What´s The Difference With Javelin Shoes: Javelin shoes are very similar to jumping shoes and help create similar momentum, though will often feature higher cuffs for ankle support and heel spikes for better grip.

Going For Hammer Throwing and Shot Put Shoes. Shoes for shot putt and hammer throwing aren’t the same as those used for javelin as there are free from all spikes and have smooth soles made from rubber. This is to allow the wearer to spin with ease as fast as necessary to add as much power as possible to the throw. There are also plenty of types of throwing shoes that have significantly higher cuffs to support the ankles and further benefit throwing power.

Choosing Long Distance Running Shoes as Track And Field Shoes

What makes longer distance running shoes different from sprinting shoes is the way in which they offer significantly more padding and the sole is more flexible – all with comfort, support and safety in mind.

They will usually feature spikes to a certain extent but these will be much less severe than with sprinting shoes. And in the case of marathon runners, there will be no spikes at all on shoes created for such long distances.

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