Crisscross Strap Platform Sandal Heels

Crisscross Strap Platform Sandal HeelsWhether you wear high heels solely on special occasions or rock them every day, you´ll love these platform sandal heels.

Onlymaker Fashion High Heels – Price check on A m a z o n.

The material of this open toe high heel is micro fabric and rubber soles.

They come with a sweet ribbon accent in 6 attractive colors, one is an amazing looking two-tone.

About the brand: Onlymaker always has the latest fashion trend and is taking dedicated handmade craft work as well as an attractive price.

What others say about this high heel platform sandals:

  • These shoes are perfect, true to size and color…
  • awesome shoe for the price…
  • really comfortable to walk in…
  • can walk with this shoes the entire night.


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