Crystal Lace Bridal High Heels

Crystal Lace Bridal High HeelsFlatter in feminine lace with these bridal high heels.

The decorative lace material and rhinestones design adds so much to any outfit.

Feminine high heels booties on a low platform with peep toe.

TRENDS SNJ Women’s Lace Bridal High Heels $$ A m a z o n .

Material is synthetic, front in beautiful floral lace with glamorous jewel decor.

They come in a range of amazing colors to fit every wedding gown: nude, pink, brown, mint, silver, black.

I specially love the ivory bridal shoes.

What others say about this high heel bridal shoes:

  • they accent any dress and look fantastic…
  • pretty comfy for how tall they are…
  • the silver ones look more gray than silver…
  • they are so pretty and of good quality…

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