How to Clean Tennis Shoes and Keep Them Clean!

There aren’t many folk that really like the idea of having filthy shoes, but given the fact that they’re your only thing that stands between you and the dirty ground, it’s often pretty unavoidable.

And the more you wear your tennis shoes for sporting activities or even just everyday comfort, the more grimy they’ll become.

So for the sake of the eyes and indeed the noses of millions the world over, here’s a quick look at a couple of ways you can keep you tennis shoes clean on a more regular basis and hopefully keep them that way!

Method for cleaning tennis shoes

Tips on how to clean tennis shoes.

If you’re finding that your tennis shoes are a bit of a mess on the outside, but inside they still look and smell pretty good, the good news is your job is already cut in half!

Step one in cleaning the outside is to take a stiff brush and get rid of all the loose mud and dirt – outdoors of course to prevent destroying your carpets!

Then it’s time to move onto the more ground-in dirt and scuff marks on and around the sole of your shoes, which need a little more attention.

PinkMiracleBottleShoeCleanerTip: Pink Miracle Bottle Shoe Cleaner (A m a z o n)

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Where you find the more stubborn marks, you can have a go at them with a cloth dampened with the specialist shoe cleaner of your choice or even a diluted vinegar solution.

Some say to try alcohol on the deeper stains, but this can in some instance discolor the shoes, so proceed with caution.

A great tip is to use a toothbrush on scuff stains if you have to spare – it can work like magic.
As far as the top parts go, one of the best things to use on tennis shoes is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. There’s really not much else you can buy that’s a great on all kinds of grease, grime, dirt and debris that works a treat and doesn’t put your shoes at risk. You could try any similar product, but this one is tried and tested.

All you need to rinse them off it a we cloth or towel and then it’s just a case of dabbing off the excess water and allowing the rest to air-dry. Do this once a week and you’ll keep them looking shiny and new for so much longer.

Tips For Deeper Cleaning Tennis Shoes

If you’ve got a decent pair of tennis shoes from a good brand, chances are they’ll be able to survive the washing machine no problem.

  • The first step of the deep clean is to take out the laces and bundle these in a mesh bag to be washed with the tennis shoes.
  • Then follow the steps above to get rid of the loose dirt and the scuffs.
  • After this, it’s just a case of following the instructions on the label of the shoes, which more often than not will mean a cool-wash setting of not more than 30-degrees on a gentle cycle.
  • Always be sure however that there’s enough sunshine or warmth to dry your shoes as quickly as possible as to leave them damp for too long can lead to rather unpleasant smells.
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