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Saucony Women’s Spitfire 2 Track Shoe was designed for 100m to 400m races. They are pretty light weight and feel good on. The shoes come with a set of removable spikes and a wrench tool. The spikes do not dull easily. They are 1/4-inch pyramid spikes, the only type of spike allowed on most indoor tracks. They work equally well on outdoor tracks, though.



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Every runner needs perfect sprinters shoes, just as a golfer would be nothing without the ideal clubs to play with, the shoes a runner wears have a huge impact on performance and abilities – not to mention their safety.

However, what makes sprinting shoes slightly different from those associated with other sports shoes like Long Distance Running Shoes, is that there are three main groups to choose from, and each kind has its own appeal and benefits.

Runners may choose between either the lightweight training shoe, or the racing flat and the sprint spike – all of them of course engineered to boost forward momentum as much as possible.

There’s really no right or wrong way to go, in the end it is all about personal preference and comfort,  but if you make the right choice you can rest assured your feet and your track times will thank you.

why choosing sprinters shoes
Why Sprint Spikes?

It is because sprint runners mostly using the balls of their feet, sprint spikes are made in an universal design that benefits anyone using them.

Underneath, sprint spikes will always feature a sturdy rubber or plastic plate, which actually encourages the foot to rise up onto its ball.

Nike Zoom Ja for a example is  what these kinds of shoes look like, with a light and breathable upper on top of a still sole with hard spikes for traction.

These shoes are generally unisex for men and women  in design, though more often than not the newest products are modeled around men’s feet, take that in mind if buying for a woman.

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Why Racing Flats?

Racing Flats take weight a small step up from the really minimalist racing spikes, but are still in their own right extremely slender and feather-light.

In general a racing flat will weigh less than half what you’d expect from a standard training shoe – all of which can make a real difference.

Unlike sprint spikes mentioned before, racing flats aren’t quite as rock-solid in the sole which means more extra cushioning for those that find spikes a little too hard.

However, cushioning is always kept to an absolute minimum in order to keep weight as low as possible, so don’t be fooled into thinking you could use a regular sports shoe in its place.

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Why Training Shoes?

Speaking of training shoes, these are the third kind of sprint shoes that proven to be  popular year in and year out by professionals  and amateurs alike.

In fact these are the shoes that are more like the standard everyday trainers worn as casual shoes by millions the world over, with a great deal more padding and considerably more weight.

They don´t come with any form of spikes on the bottom. Maybe not the first choice for professionals, though favored by those with sensitive feet  across the athletic community that have a tendency to become injured or uncomfortable very easily.

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