Top 5 Basketball Shoes

There are thousands of different basketball shoes on the market these days, and they all are not cut from the same cloth – not even close!

Sure, there are plenty that are overpriced and don’t deliver any real value for the money, but at the same time it’s not often that you will hand over peanuts and take home the finer sneakers known to man.

  • The quality of basketball shoes is of vital importance, as it isn’t only a case of increasing your performance, but also keeping you safe while doing so. It’s one thing for them to look the part, but another entirely for them to provide the protection you need on the court.
  • It’s all about striking a balance and expecting a fair deal for a fair price. So with this in mind, here’s a look at five of the very best and affordable basketball shoes you can lay your hands on today without having to spend a fortune.


Kicking off with one of the most famous names in both basketball shoes and footwear on the whole, these Nike Basketball Shoes have been designed with the total package in mind. NIKE Court Force High Gray Sneakers on A m a z o n.

The cushioning they feature is unique in its layout and the shoes as a whole are hugely breathable to ensure that feet remains cool and comfortable at all times. And as far as protection goes, these are some of the best.

Nike Women’s NIKE Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe.

These are probably the best on the list for those looking for something casual and understated to also wear off the court. Shop A m a z o n: Women’s Nike Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe

But don’t let the elegant exterior fool you – the NIKE Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoe is all about a staggering performance and the kind of comfort you’ve never felt before!


Adidas Crazy Shadow Basketball Shoes


It’s hard not to fall in love with the Adidas Crazy Shadow Basketball Shoes after just a single look at them. The design is seriously striking and according to Adidas these are the only shoes you’ll ever need if you’re looking to fly on the court. Shop A m a z o n: Adidas Men’s Crazy Shadow 2 Basketball Shoes

Built with high jumps and soft landings in mind.


Reebok Pro Heritage 2 Basketball Shoe
Top5BasketballShoesUnder$100-ReebokProHeritage2. jpg

From the brand that claims it can help athletes reach their goals better than any other on the face of the Earth comes a great low price sports shoe.  Shop A m a z o n: Reebok Men’s Pro Heritage 2 Basketball Shoe 

These shoes are the product of money spent on research and development rather than expensive celebrity endorsements, and  every penny you’re spending is going into quality and performance.



Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3 – Zig Basketball Shoe (Amazon).

And rounding off the list in style is the Reebok Wall Season Basketball Shoe, which is another example of a loud and proud shoe that’s engineered for performance and power. Decades of Reebok expertise has gone into making these and you’ll feel the difference from day one!

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