Your Feet and Your Body Will Love a Good Pair of Long Distance Running Shoes

If you ever wonder what the best long distance running shoes were, look no further.


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Any person involved in a sporty activity has his/her primary piece of equipment to allow them to take part. As tennis players have the racket, boxers their  gloves and for those involved in running, there’s nothing more important than the running shoes they wear. In fact  nothing else matters more  than the choice of shoes you make!

Long Distance Running Shoes Marathon
To choose the wrong pair of shoes for the wrong type of running would be a like ‘trying to play golf with a tennis rack’. Sure you can run, but chances are you won’t get far and could easily hurt yourself in the whole process.

So in this article we’re looking at long distance running shoes, which are an entirely different kind – from say sprinting, tennis shoes or basketball shoes. You better don’t find out you made the wrong choice the hard way, so here’s a quick manual to getting it right the first time.

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Tips for the Basics of Long Distance Running Shoes:

  • Most important, a long distance running shoe will not show the same kinds of spikes you’ll find on a track sprinting shoe.
  • The sole will look exactly the same as any average walking shoe, which means a good amount of grip with no large heel and a decent flexibility.
  • You may have the choice of removable spikes, so the shoes can be used for both on and off-track competition. Take note how lightweight and how much protection the shoes offer when your feet impact the ground.
  • A must: breathable material, as your feet need air to circulate within the shoe to ensure comfort and health while running.

Why The Right Fit Is So Important! Please never go out and try on long distance running shoes first thing in the morning. Because over the the day, your feet will gradually swell and become slightly larger than they were early in the morning.

So shoes you though were perfect in the morning be too tight when the even rolls in the afternoon on another day! So always try in the afternoon, ensuring a snug fit that feels almost like a second skin.

Don´t forget to make sure your toes have enough room to maneuver without rubbing, but at the same time a snug fit is vital.

How Much To Pay? In case two pairs that look the same for $10 and $100, you can bet there’s a difference in quality. You might not be able to see and figure it out now, but half way through the marathon where the cheaper pair falls to pieces, you finally will. So as with all things, you should be willing to pay a sensible price for a decent pair.

Click to explore reviews of running shoes done by runners like you on A m a z o n!

Click to explore reviews of running shoes done by runners like you on A m a z o n!


Google For Long Distance Running Shoes Reviews! Finally, if there’s a single pair that’s taken your interest or you really don’t know where to start, consider checking out a few reviews online and find out some opinions on it. It’s free, it takes some time to do, but ensures you make the perfect decision first time, every time.

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